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Updated 9.9.10:

I've been doing engagement shoots for awhile now and here are some of my tips on what to wear or bring to your shoot. Every couple is different and what makes a shoot unique are the ideas that both couple and photographer come up. Above all, have fun and do what comes natural.

When it comes to outfits, they should be kept simple and complementary - not matchy. Try to stay away from crazy prints and bright colors unless it's an accessary such as scarf or tie. I always ask my couples to have two outfits for the day; one casual such as a nice top over jeans and boots and one dressy such as a nice sundress or a little cocktail dress for the girls. With short dress lengths, try to stay with ones that are at least an inch above the knee, no shorter. Guys are pretty simple when it comes to outfits; polo shirt over jeans for casual and a nice shirt over dress pants. Keep nails clean and have clear nail polish on, because there will most likely be a ring shot or close-up details of hand shots.

I normally do the hair/makeup for the girls as an extra fee. I tend to get ideas of what to do for the shoot when it comes to colors and style once my couples have their outfits. The classics are usually vintage glam or romantic looks. However, if you have ideas and want a funkier look, feel free to let me know. I'm always open to fresh new ideas.

When it comes to location, I usually ask couples of places they've met the first time or their first date or location of proposal. Those are usually great places to start and from there, I try to research more for unique spots and generally like to keep the shoot around the same area for simplicity sake.

Props can be used and fun to bring to shoots such as balloons, parasols, flowers or lollipops. They add such a nice quirkiness to the photos. If you have something in your possession that was passed down or had meaning to your relationship, by all means, bring them. Also think about hobbies that you both enjoy that would be nice to incorporate into the shoot such as biking, cooking or mini-golfing.

That's it for now. I hope this was helpful and if there is anything missing from this topic, I'll be sure to update this post from time to time. =)


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