Tony Yang Model Workshop

Workshop Date: July 26, 2009
Location: Fort Lee, NJ

I've always been a fan of Tony's ever since I found him through other brides via blogs a year ago. He was booked for my wedding date so I couldn't have him then, but I did use him for my intime photos otherwise known as boudoir photos. I was definitely nervous but he put me at ease and here's one photo that's PG =P Since then and the wedding, I've gotten more into photography, so naturally once I heard that he was putting together a model workshop, I was very interested. It took some convincing on hubby's part to let me go and when he did, I was on my way Sunday morning to Jersey and drove back down same day.

Tony showing us how to model - he's good. =P

The result below from the workshop




I got to meet El Bob!
So glad I went to the workshop even though it was a bit of a drive to go there and come back same day. I learned alot and had so much fun hanging around other budding photographers. I hope I can make to more of his workshops in later future. =)


reveriepapillon said... [Reply]

ohh lucky!! i'm a huge fan of Tony Yang too!!!! but I'm located at westcoast....~ bummer!

Melanie said... [Reply]

tony's awesome! =D

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