From DC to AC

Few weeks ago, I went up to AC for a friend's bday weekend with hubby and another friend of mine from VA and I was a bit shocked to find out how much it has changed since I was little. I've always hated going to AC as a kid bc we always went with the family and relatives and the adults always go into the casinos to gamble while they leave the kids in the lobby to wait for them. It was okay the first 2x maybe but after the millionth time, it was just plain boring. I have no patience now waiting on anyone so imagine me having even less patience as a kid.

Needless to say, AC this time around was definitely a whole lot better. =D It's still a bit shady in certain parts, but you can't complain for the night life as well as the restaurants and the outlet - not to mention a fair and boardwalk that serves funnel cake and italian hot sausages all day long - my two fave fair food. =P Also this time around, we were able to get comp rooms from parents and relatives which made it all the better.

Funny story from the weekend, apparently my friend and I were "mistaken" for underagers and got carded at Bally's. It was a bit hilarious but we both got $50 comp meals for our trouble, which you bet we put it to good use the next day for brunch as well as ordering a few for the road. haha.

I was having too much fun to even whip out my camera all that much so here were a few that I managed to take from that weekend. =P





Never fear though, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for another visit to AC in the near future to fully capture the experience on film. =)


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