WPPI Road Trip DC!

I had heard about WPPI from last year through a fellow bride turned photographer. At the time, my passion for photography didn't grow as quickly as it has now, so I paid no mind to it. Since then, my brain turned on full speed and I wanted to absorb everything that had to do with photography, starting with attending workshops and networking. Anyone who knows me knows that I love meeting new people and meeting with photographers is no different. I'm not afraid to go up to any stranger and introduce myself, so be forewarned. =) If you see some random girl just coming up to ya and chatting away, that girl could be me. =P

This year has gone by in a whirlwind and it's crazy how one thing can lead to the next. I've met some awesome new photog friends and connected with old friends that could sit for hours and talk nothing but photography. How crazy is that? Yesterday's workshop was no different. Great speakers mixed with great people made the day unforgettable. One particular speaker in mind - Jasmine Star - who in a short period of time that I've known her work - has quickly became one to whom I look up. I had the great pleasure of talking to Jasmine for a little bit and she was just like the person I saw in her Creative Live wedding documentary she had in Seattle. What I took from her platform was "I rather fail at something I love than succeed in something I hate" as well as 'Amen" and "Keep it Real" - haha - words to live by indeed.

Jenny and I with the beautiful Jasmine Star

After the workshop, Julie, Stefani, Jenny and I headed over to a nearby restaurant to talk about the day. Workshop ended at 5pm, but our conversations did not end until 10pm over several wines and my water (=P). It's always great to unwind and just really connect with fellow photographers who are also going through what I'm going through now. In a competitive world such as photography, it's good to know that there are still some who wants to be allies rather than see each other as competitors. I'm so grateful to have met them now early in the business. =) Let's do it again, but next time Vegas style! ;)


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